Reasons to Consider Getting Underfloor Heating

We are now falling into the colder months and winter is just around the corner. It’s at this time of year that we really start to feel the cold, and notice it a lot more in our homes and feel the need to switch on the central heating and wrap up with a few extra layers. However, something that is perfect for your home this winter that you may not have considered, is underfloor heating. This is the best way to warm your house up, maximise comfort, and make you feel cosy and relaxed. Underfloor heating provides all sorts of benefits and we thought we would tell you about some of them in this post…


Maximum comfort

Nothing provides comfort quite like underfloor heating. It gives such a cosy, homely and comforting feel. During winter and the colder months, all we want is to wrap up and keep warm at home, and underfloor heating provides you with this luxury. It is very efficient and helps to retain heat for a long period of time.


Keeps the whole room warm

With standard radiators and fireplaces, the heat and warmth of a room tends to be focused more to that particular area. However, with underfloor heating, the heat is distributed evenly throughout the whole room. This is much more efficient, as underfloor heating is capable of keeping the whole room warm as opposed to the heat being focused in one area. Furthermore, underfloor heating is of course used at a much lower heat than a radiator would be, so this can also help save on your energy bills.


Great for modern homes

Of course, underfloor heating is a slightly more modern facility, and so it is not always the most compatible with old homes. However, if you have a newer house that you are trying to modernise with all the latest technology and slick designs, underfloor heating is the perfect addition. Furthermore, it can actually add value to your home due to the fact it is so practical and such a modern facility to have, therefore making it a good investment.


Compatible with any interior design

Another great thing about underfloor heating, is that you can’t actually see it. The heating is fitted underneath floorboards, so it is hidden in terms of appearance. Sometimes radiators can be a bit big and bulky, and not always look the best. You can get different styles of radiators, but they still take up space and it is sometimes difficult to find a good match for your interior design, whereas with underfloor heating, you don’t have this worry as it will do the job and have no impact on the interior decor. Furthermore, you can have underfloor heating under just about any style of flooring, so it doesn’t restrict you in this sense, either.

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