Making Your Home Look More Rustic

Design trends are ever-changing, and the way we choose to design the interior or our homes is completely down to personal preference. Some people like to have everything in their home modernised, whereas others may prefer a more traditional theme, or perhaps you have your own design theme in mind that you want to build on. However, one thing that is quite popular, is rustic. This can be achieved in all kinds of ways, but something that really helps to create the rustic feel, is classic oak hardwood flooring. As with any flooring, the range of this can be pretty broad in its design, however most oak flooring will really create a rustic and rural vibe in your home.

Here are a few ways you can create this atmosphere in your home!


Using dark tones

There’s something about dark tones that creates quite a mysterious and urban feel, which is perfect if you are wanting to make your home appear more rustic on the inside. Dark tones can be present in any part of your interior design, whether this is furniture, wallpaper, accessories, or flooring. Flooring in particular is a really good opportunity to have dark hues running through the interior. Furthermore, dark coloured oak wood flooring often has a much more rustic presence than other styles of flooring.

Oak hardwood flooring can often remind people of rural and outdoor accommodation generally found in the countryside. As this is where you find a lot of dark oak wood flooring, it gives a sense of being quite authentic, unpolished and certainly rustic.


Natural designs

Rustic designs often translate a lot of elegance and sophistication. It naturally makes a room feel cosy and relaxed, which is perfect for places such as living rooms. With oak wood flooring, you will find that it is very natural looking, creating a very authentic vibe which is able to compliment the rest of your interior beautifully. To accompany this, you may want to theme the rest of the room with natural and traditional touches, such as a wood burning fire perhaps, or vintage furniture, or themed accessories such as dream catchers, handwoven rugs, and wooden clocks.


Warm and cosy atmosphere

Not only with oak floors, but in any rustic themed room, there will be an immediate sense of warmth and feeling cosy, which is ideal for winter time. Again, the perfect finishing touch in order to create this feeling would be a wood burning fire. This is very natural and traditional and fills the room with warmth and the perfect balance of dim lighting. To keep this dim lighting sort of theme, you could have lanterns around the room, even if these are quite modern, it will still add to the atmosphere perfectly. Another way to create a warm feeling in your home, is to have a warm-toned colour theme running throughout, including, oranges, reds and yellows. This will really add to the vibe as well as suit the interior design.

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