Making Sure Your Floor is Pet Proof

Although pets bring copious amounts of joy to our lives, there is no denying that they can cause havoc, too. This applies especially when they are young, for example if you’ve recently got a new kitten or puppy. One thing that pets tend to cause the most damage to, is furniture. When they are young, they might chew skirting boards, or claw your furniture, however even when your pet is fully grown and well trained, they can still cause damage within your home unintentionally. For example, one thing that is common, is scratches on floorboards from their nails. This can be frustrating as a homeowner as the scratches are often very visible and therefore create a bit of an eyesore. 

So, we thought we would share a few tips on how to make sure your floor is pet proof, and tell you about a few styles of flooring that are resistant to scratches and chips…


Hardwood flooring

You simply can’t go wrong with high quality hardwood flooring. It is the perfect flooring for households due to its durability, resistance and style. This makes it an ideal style of flooring for pet owners, as it is able to withstand quite a lot. One of the best things about hardwood flooring, is that it doesn’t absorb liquids as quickly as perhaps other styles do. Therefore, if your pet has an accident, you will be able to clean this up with ease and won’t have to worry about it soaking through the floorboards. 

Another great thing about hardwood flooring for pet owners, is that it is very easy to clean. So, if your pet happens to make a bit of a mess, or if they come into the house muddy and get this all over your floor, you can clean this up with very little hassle.

The only downside to hardwood flooring, is that as with all types of wooden floors, they can scratch quite easily. Because of this, we advise buying a higher quality style of hardwood flooring so that it is more resistant to claws!


Vinyl flooring

One of the best qualities of vinyl flooring, is that it is incredibly stain resistant. This means that if your pet has an accident, or makes a mess of something, you won’t have to worry about this having long term impact on your flooring. They are also very easy to clean, and due to the material, don’t make too much noise. This is great for if you have a dog with long claws, as you won’t hear their nails hitting the floor whenever they walk anywhere.


Stone tiles

Stone tiles are a fantastic flooring option for pet owners, as they are incredibly strong and resistant. Not only are they waterproof, but they don’t scratch or chip easily at all, which is ideal if you have a dog. Stone tiles aren’t necessarily the most homely style of flooring, nor the most comfortable for your pets, but for practical reasons they are great as it is very rare they face any damage or become worn from your pets. 


Laminate flooring

The great thing about laminate flooring, is that although they have the same sort of appearance as hardwood flooring, they are actually made up of engineered wood, rather than wooden planks. As a result of this, laminate flooring becomes highly scratch resistant, a lot more so than hardwood flooring. However, it does still come in different styles, meaning you can choose how glossy you want your flooring to be, and how scratch resistant it will be. 

They look very clean and impressive on appearance, and don’t require too much maintenance. If your pet molts a lot, we would advise opting for a colour or shade that doesn’t let this show too much. That way, the flooring will look cleaner at all times. 


For more information or advice or if you would like to speak to us about how to make sure your floor is pet proof, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!

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