How to Avoid Damage on Hardwood Floors


Flooring is a staple part of any home, and when you invest in nice, high quality hardwood flooring, you want to do all you can to keep it safe, clean and in pristine condition. This means taking good care and ensuring that you avoid any sort of damage or don’t bring it into contact with anything that could potentially cause harm. Sometimes little bits of damage, such as scratches or marks, are inevitable, but there are certainly things we can do to try and keep this to a minimum and on the other hand, fix this if it ever occurs.

As I’m sure you know, having to get damage repaired on your flooring can be pretty inconvenient, not to mention create additional costs for you to have to spend. So, we think it’s important to give you a few tips and advice on how to avoid damage on hardwood floors!


Regular cleaning

Although this seems a little obvious, and something that is done on a regular basis anyway, quite often people don’t realise the importance of frequent, thorough cleaning. When components settle on your floors, it can be harmful, and eventually cause damage. Therefore, we advise that you clean your hardwood floors regularly and carefully to prevent this from happening.


Felt pads for your furniture

Heavy furniture, such as couches, can be damaging and take its toll on hardwood floors. Whether it is the weight of the furniture causing an impact, or the fact that the furniture gets moved around, potentially resulting in scratches and wear on the floor. One solution to this is having felt pads underneath. This takes away a lot of the pressure from your hardwood floors and also prevents the furniture from causing any marks. This also applies to other pieces of furniture, too. For example, some people have a rug underneath their dining table and chairs, which also reduces possibility of damage being caused by the pressure against the floor and all the moving around.


No shoes!

To many of us, removing shoes before walking through the house is standard procedure. This is generally to keep the floors clean, however you may not realise that shoes can actually cause damage and be harmful to the flooring. Keeping shoes off will seriously help in maintaining your hardwood floors and ensuring they’re protected from damage and dirt.


Be careful when maneuvering furniture

A lot of the time, this is how damage occurs on any type of wood flooring. Pushing furniture along the floor, or dropping things, can have quite an impact and leave unwanted damage on your flooring. To avoid this, we recommend being extremely careful when maneuvering furniture and only doing this when is necessary. Furthermore, depending on the job in question, we would also recommend that you consider getting a professional to help move any furniture properly and safely.


Use hardwood-friendly products

There are all sorts of products available designed for particular materials. You will find this with most things, and hardwood flooring is included. For example, you can find hoovers aimed to be compatible with hardwood floors, which will avoid marking the floor as well as being able to collect dust and dirt properly. As well as this, you will also find things like cleaning products aimed primarily for use on hardwood flooring.


Covering it up!

Sometimes, small, hard-to-notice bits of damage including scratches or chips can be a bit of a pain to get rid of. You probably won’t want to completely replace a part of the flooring over a scratch or two, and if this is the case, there are certainly ways around it. If you’ve tried other treatments such as stain markers to try and get rid of the marks but it hasn’t worked, a good way to deal with it, is to hide them! This can be done by simply putting a mat down over the floor, or adding an accessory or piece of furniture. Furthermore, this will probably also require less hassle and a smaller cost!


Keep an eye on your pets

A good example of this, is keeping your dogs’ nails cut and filed down. If their nails are long, this can scratch against the flooring and create noticeable marks.

For more information and advice or if you our interested in our hardwood flooring, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!

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