Best Floors for Insulation

As we are firmly into the winter months now, we are experiencing the lows of the miserable weather. Not only is it dull and raining outside, but it is also freezing cold, and keeping your home warm throughout winter can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, not to mention expensive! 

It is not uncommon to see your heating bills soar throughout winter, and this can really add to the dull and gloomy feelings we have to power through during the colder months. However, there are things you can do to make a difference and improve the efficiency of your home. One of these things, is keeping your home insulated a bit better. As a result, this will keep rooms warmer for longer, which will also bring down the energy bills. 

We thought we would tell you about a few types of flooring that are great for insulation, and why you should consider getting them!


Laminate flooring

The main reason why laminate flooring is good for insulation, is because it is very compatible with underfloor heating. This will massively contribute to keeping your house warm during winter. The best thing about having underfloor heating, is that it will heat up the entire room and ensure that everywhere is kept warm, whereas if you just have radiators or a fireplace, the heat tends to just be drawn to and gather in one particular area.


Vinyl flooring

Vinyl is a very durable and reliable material that is of very high quality. It is particularly warm underfoot, which can make a big difference to keeping a room warm. The floor is a large surface area within a room, and so if the floor is cold, it is going to make the rest of the room feel cold, too. However, vinyl flooring tends to be very comfortable and warm, and therefore keeps the room well insulated and heated for a more lengthy period of time.


Underfloor insulation

Whilst some types of flooring may naturally be better than others in keeping your home warmer and more insulated, you can actually get insulation layers to go underneath the floorboards. Again, some types of flooring will work better with this than others and be more efficient. However, whatever kind of flooring you have, getting underfloor insulation will make a big difference, and can ultimately save you money on your monthly bills. 

As we mentioned, having a cold floor can really take its toll on the room and make the whole place feel chilly, whereas if your flooring is warm and helps insulate the room better, your home will feel a lot warmer for a longer period of time. As a result, this will require you to use the heating less, and therefore bring the bills down. So, whilst underfloor insulation may be a small upfront investment, it is great as it saves you money long term and provides fantastic benefits!

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